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Guest Blog: Allegiance by Angela Louise McGurk

The Vampire Alliance
Book Two
Angela Louise McGurk

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Number of pages: 369
Cover Design by Angela McGurk
Photography by Matt McGurk Photography

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Book Description:
Eve hadn’t wanted a second marriage, she wanted to remain happily unmarried rather than curse another good man to Rob’s fate. If only Tul had listened to her protestations. Instead the Senate are intent on making her relive her own personal hell. Worse, the instrument they seem intent on using to bring about her suffering is the creature, the merciless drone they’d created from all that remained of Rob.
The world seems to be conspiring against Eve and the Alliance, and even among Johan’s band of rebels not everyone is happy to have Eve as part of the group. With Tul missing and friends few on the ground, Eve begins to slip back into the pit of despair which had once consumed her and that may just lead her to behave more recklessly than ever before. Mistakes have consequences however, and for Eve the consequences of her actions may just decide the course of the future.
Is there a way to save Tul? Does anything of Rob remain in the Senate controlled puppet his body’s become? More importantly, why are the Senate determined to take control of Eve and just how far will they go to gain possession of her?

Guest Blog: An Interview with the Vampire Alliance’s Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan:

Today we have the honour of doing an exclusive interview with the star of The Vampire Alliance series, the Alliance’s very own Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan! Allegiance: The Vampire Alliance Book Two by Angela Louise McGurk was released in February and is now available to buy at Amazon
Eve, thank you for joining us! You’ve had a tough few years so we’re thrilled you’re willing to chat to us about it! Obviously you’d rather be making the most of married life so we’ll get through this as quickly as possible, shall we?What do you like most about being a vampire?
Jumping twelve foot walls is fairly fabulous although not everyone can do that. Honestly though, the thing I like most is blood, fresh blood. I know, go on, you can say ‘ick’ if you want but I’m a vampire, it’s just part of what I am.
It is pretty icky though, looking at it from a human perspective. On the subject of food, is there any food you miss? What was your favourite food?
My favourite food was macaroni cheese, though at the moment I’m eating loads of the stuff. You’ll have to wait for the Alliance’s chosen author, Angela Louise McGurk, to release book three for that to be explained though...
Oh? You have us curious now, can’t we have a clue?
Sorry, but no... I promised Mrs McGurk that I wouldn’t give any spoilers.
With regard to Angela McGurk, why did Johan decide to document recent goings on?
That’s really a question for Johan. I suppose it’s because the world is changing though. We’re at a pivotal point in vampire history and how our world changes deserves to be recorded.
Speaking of Johan... Being sired by the person of your choice was obviously very important to you, seeing as the person who was supposed to make you was unjustly executed. Still, when you were lying there dying did it never occur to you to just let Johan do the deed? Did it really have to be Tulloch?
Of course it occurred to me, and Johan would’ve done it. However, at the time I was human and I’d already accepted my fragility and the chance I would die. The option of becoming vampire was only something I wanted to accept if someone I truly loved was willing to make that trade of blood and venom. I already had the venom of an enemy in my veins, I needed to blood and venom of someone I loved and trusted to rectify that violation. Anyway, I don’t think things would have worked out as they did if it hadn’t been Tul who made me...
These are awfully deep questions....We don’t get to talk to vampires often, especially vampires who are as... interesting as you. We want to get inside your head. We’ll try to keep the next question a bit lighter though. Which wedding did you enjoy more, your wedding to Robert or your wedding to Tulloch?
That’s lighter? My wedding to Tulloch ended in slaughter, so I’d say the answer is obviously my wedding to Robert. Prior to the bloodbath? I enjoyed both equally; I married two wonderful men although I always thought marrying Tul would jinx him.
What flowers did you have at each wedding?
White roses at my first, red roses at my second.
Is there any meaning behind your choice of flowers?
Both my boys are traditional, roses suited that but I didn’t want exactly the same twice over. They don’t represent humanity and vampirism, innocence and sin, purity and blood or anything like that.
Still, you did go from innocent to pretty worldly between the two weddings. Your choice of employment was unconventional.
Yes, it was. That’s all I really want to say on the matter. I was desperate. Can’t you ask me my favourite colour or something?
What’s your favourite colour?
Slate blue.
Tulloch’s eye colour, that’s interesting. Your favourite piece of music?
Nefeli by Ludovico Einaudi. Rob used to play it for me, his mother made him learn to play piano when he was human. We used to have a piano in the spare room of our house before things went pear-shaped.
Was he any good?
Very, he knew it too.
With the arrogance of the gentry?
*Laughs* Tul would say yes, I would say he simply knew he could play and wasn’t afraid to show it.
There has been another piano playing vampire who shot to fame recently-
Whoa, compare Rob to Mr Cullen at your peril.
You haven’t really had any newly turned rages have you? Would being compared to a Cullen send you into one?
No, I’m more controlled than that... and I enjoyed reading the Twilight Saga. Vampire romance is a guilty pleasure of mine even though the authors get it so wrong! I prefer urban fantasy, preferably Chloe Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series. Truthfully, the only thing that drives me close to a rage is the phrase “You’re my brother’s wife...” That makes me want to kill things. Well, a specific someone, anyway.
Understandable. So, you’re a fan of vampire romance books, what about films, what’s your favourite?
Currently Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I sympathise with Katniss. I’ve never read the books, but I love the film.
What’s your favourite possession?
Possessions can be taken. I don’t have one, not anymore.
Ok, but if you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you want with you?
Hmmm... A boat. Fuel for the boat. A radio.
Practical. Ok, here’s the quick fire round
His eyes.
About Rob? 
*Grin* Wouldn’t you like to know...
We would, actually.
Tease. Sword or gun? 
Film or book? 
Coffee or Tea? 
Football club, Newcastle or Sunderland? 
Newcastle, Howay the Toon!
Well, that’s it; I think we’ve covered everything.
Thank you very much for having me. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.
We’ve been honoured to have you. Thank you very much Eve Blakethorn-Sullivan! Books one and two in the Vampire Alliance series, Absolution and Allegiance, are available to buy on Amazon’s .com,, and .ca sites. 

About the Author:
Angela is the author of the Vampire Alliance series. Books one and two, Absolution and Allegiance, are both available for Kindle. Antithesis will follow later in 2014.
While currently occupied running her wedding stationery and graphic design business, Angela spends much  of her free time writing, reading, and trying to find a way of saving all the worlds in her head before they evaporate to some forgotten place never to be retrieved.  As well as being a designer, business owner and writer, Angela is the mother to two fantastic children and wife to a husband who still hasn’t read her books!
She grew up in a small Northumbrian pit village and briefly lived in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne where the Vampire Alliance series is set. One of her favourite places in the world in Rome and when she gets around to finishing the re-write of the prequel to the Vampire Alliance series this will be set in Rome. The prequel, currently going under the working title of ‘Irredeemable’ has been a workin progress for fourteen years, originally written in Angela’s early teens it is currently being re-‘vamped’ and will be published sometime after ‘Antithesis’.

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