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Author Interview & Book Spotlight: Claimed by a Demon King by Felicity Heaton

Claimed by a Demon King
Eternal Mates Series
Book 2
Felicity Heaton

About the Book:
The moment the demon King Thorne of the Third Realm set eyes on the mortal huntress Sable, he knew she was his fated one. The fiery, dangerous female awakened hungers he had never experienced before, a dark craving and passion that has consumed him in their time apart. As the lunar cycle wanes, she enters his world again and nothing will stand in the way of him claiming his forever with her--not the relentless assault from the Fifth Realm or the dark elf male determined to seduce her out of his grasp.

Intent on achieving the coveted position of commander at Archangel, Sable leads her small team into the dark underworld and the Third Realm, to a war where her allies are the very creatures she normally hunts--vampires, werewolves, and demons. Her eagerness to lead the deadly mission has everything to do with winning her promotion, and nothing to do with the kingdom's brash, lethally seductive demon king--a king who stirred fierce desire and wildfire heat in her with just a look and an innocent touch when they first met, and has been in her wicked dreams ever since.

As the gathering storm between rivals unleashes irresistible passion that flares white-hot and the heat of the battle brings life-shattering realisations, can Sable place her duty before her heart? Or will she surrender to her deepest desires and be claimed by a demon king?


PRFL would like to extend a warm welcome to Felicity Heaton, author of Claimed by a Demon King. Felicity, to begin, can you please tell us where you're from, and where/whom did your love for writing come from?
I’m British, born and raised, and still living on my tiny little island known as the UK. My love of writing stems from a love of reading and a wicked creative streak. I traded making pictures with paint with making pictures with words.

Can you say that your journey to publication was difficult? If so, what were the hardest moments to get through?
I think most authors’ journeys to publication are difficult. It requires a lot of work at honing what skill you have and making the necessary improvements. I was e-published when I began my journey as a writer in earnest, and my loss of creative control over my stories and the final product really grated on me. I went indie about a year after becoming published and have been indie ever since. I feel it allows me to write the story I want to tell the readers.

How do you overcome I-suck-at-this, that little voice in your head that tells you your writing isn’t good enough?
I like to think of it as writer’s doubt. I’m sure most authors experience it so they know what I’m talking about. I hate that moment when you’re writing and you’re suddenly hit with the awful sense that what you’ve written is total rubbish and terrible and everyone is going to hate it. It’s a demon on my shoulder every time that I write, but I’ve found that the perfect cure for this problem is going back to the beginning of the book and reading it over. Normally, that makes me see that the book is far better than that little demon is telling me.

What is your dream vacation?
It varies depending on my mood. Right now, I could go for two weeks of snorkeling in the Maldives. Anything to escape the cold weather. But I love cities too and exploring cultures, and I’m an avid traveler. I have wanderlust.

Describe your writing style in five words.
Passionate. Intense. Emotional. Twisting. Action-packed.

What movies are you currently excited to see?
I’m really excited to see the new Captain America film. I’m a sucker for all things Marvel. I’m planning to see it with my husband on my birthday (which is today! April 7th)

What are you currently reading?
Nothing right now as I’m working on a book. I can’t read and write. I find it messes with my story and my voice, and I don’t want that. I only read between writing or editing projects. The last book I read was… possibly Reaver by Larissa Ione. It was great.

If you weren’t a writer, what other careers would you pursue?
If I wasn’t a writer, I would be a web developer and designer, which is what I was before I went full time as an author. I still do it now in a small way, designing my own covers and graphics, and putting together all my ebook format files and paperback editions, and maintaining my own website. I love programming. I’m a geek, what can I say?

If you could create a holiday of your own, what would it be called?
Reading Day. I think once a year there should be a worldwide day in which it’s compulsory to read a good book and relax. Or maybe every month.

For people who haven’t read your novel, how would you summarize the plot?
Claimed by a Demon King is the second book in the Eternal Mates romance series, following on from Kissed by a Dark Prince. It takes us down into Hell, to the Third Realm and the demon king Thorne’s war to protect his kingdom from the Fifth Realm. Things are heating up down there, with the Fifth King constantly pushing Thorne’s forces to their limit and weakening his numbers. Of course, things will be heating up for another reason when Prince Loren leads his legion of elves to Thorne’s aid and Sable leads her band of mortal hunters from Archangel with him. Thorne has been dreaming of Sable since first setting eyes on her, and the huntress can’t seem to keep the burly demon king out of her wicked dreams either, but she isn’t about to sit back and let the demon king claim her without a fight.

What are two of your pet-peeves?
People who are conceited. I can’t stand people who make themselves the centre of attention and love themselves to death. I think it’s a terrible personality trait. Love yourself, but project most of your love outwards onto others. And people who are bullies. I don’t condone bullying. I think it’s the sign of a bad person and a rotten core. We don’t need bullies in this world.

To you, what makes a good story?
I love a perfect blend of action, emotion, and romance. If you can throw in a mind-blowing twist too, all the better. My favourite paranormal romances are the ones with plots that keep me on the edge of my seat and are packed with passion and chemistry between the characters. I do love a good possessive and protective hero too. Not a Neanderthal who thinks he can control the heroine, but a man who isn’t afraid to admit he needs her like nothing else and will do anything for her.

What usually turns you off about a story?
An instant turn off for me is any hero who meets his heroine and then does something with another woman, especially if he’s developing feelings for the heroine at that point. I won’t abide a hero who kisses another woman, or worse, or even feeds from another woman.
And on the other hand, I cannot stand a heroine who allows a hero to treat her like a doormat and walk all over her, and forgives him for any sins at a drop of a hat – oh, you killed my sister after cheating on me with her? That’s fine, I forgive you – A heroine needs backbone and strength for me to love her and not want to toss the book out of the window.

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose, and why?
If I had to choose, I would probably collaborate with Lara Adrian, as I love her books and she seems really nice. I’ve collaborated with some great authors on boxed sets though, and developed friendships with most of them. It’s been a great experience.

What is on your night stand?
A hello kitty angel plush toy I bought in NYC many years ago, a glass of water, and an empty glass and piece of card for catching and safely evicting spiders.

What is your favorite book?

I absolutely love Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I’m a huge fan of the classic romances. I like the theme of love overcoming adversity and being complicated.

Thanks so much, Felicity, for allowing us to peek into your life. Good luck and great sales with Claimed by a Demon King!

About the Author:
Felicity Heaton writes passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In her books she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!
If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.
If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, Felicity Heaton's best selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series she writes as F E Heaton or any of her stand alone vampire romance books she writes as Felicity Heaton. Or if you're looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try Felicity Heaton's new Vampire Erotic Theatre series.
In 2011, five of her six paranormal romance books received Top Pick awards from Night Owl Reviews, Forbidden Blood was nominated as Best PNR Vampire Romance 2011 at The Romance Reviews, and many of her releases received five star reviews from numerous websites. In 2012, she received the GraveTells Author of the Year Award and her vampire romance novel, Heart of Darkness, was selected as a 2013 Epic Ebook Awards finalist in the paranormal romance category.

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