Monday, May 12, 2014

Guest Blog: Breaking the Bond by Patricia Proctor

Breaking the Bond
The Witches of Spring Hill
Book 2
Patricia Proctor

Genre: YA Paranormal Fiction
Date of Publication: June 2013
Number of pages: 291

Book Description:

Follow the lives of two sets of fraternal triplets, Rowan, Chloe, and Kaiden Alexander and Xavier, Cian, and Brianna Silvan as they spend the summer immersed in witchcraft in the second book of the Witches of Spring Hill series.

Now that the Alexanders and Silvans have seen what they are capable of together, they believe that they are prepared for anything. But when a sexy stranger shows up at a party, Rowan is the first to suspect that there is more to this girl than meets the eye. With her newfound abilities, Rowan hopes to uncover the mystery of the new girl, while protecting Chloe and Cian from whatever… or whoever is breaking their bond. And although Kaiden can tell there’s something going on with his sisters, he’s having a hard time focusing on anything but Brianna Silvan.

Determined to unlock the secrets of their past, Brianna and Cian Silvan open the books that were left to them. In doing so, they raise more questions than answers and open themselves up to more than just their history. In searching for the missing third book, they encounter someone who has a vested interest in them and their books. Liam Alexander remains focused on protecting his family, but between dealing with two break-ins and coping with Rowan’s new abilities, he is forced to put his trust in Xavier… until one of them breaks their agreement.

The Silvans and the Alexanders must join together again, this time to stop the forces that threaten to separate them for good. But they won’t have to do it alone… they’ll get help from someone whose arrival in town will change all of their lives forever. Bonds will be broken, new relationships will begin, and new abilities will manifest, making this a summer no one will ever forget.


We have a fun Guest Post from author Patricia Proctor ~ enjoy!

Character Profile – Cian Silvan

Name: Cian Silvan (pronounced kee-in)
Meaning of name: Ancient and enduring
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Personality: Wise, fiercely protective, genuine
Family: Brother – Xavier, Sister – Brianna
Relationship Status: Has a girlfriend, Chloe Alexander
Age when he learned he was a witch: Eleven
Abilities:  Precognition, strong extrasensory perception, and telepathy with Chloe, especially visions about their future together.
Best thing he ever did with his abilities:  He protected Chloe and her family from a powerful witch who intended to kill them all.
Worst thing he ever did with his abilities: He lied about what he saw in a vision.
If he could choose any ability to manifest next, what would it be? Besides connecting to an element, he’d like to conjure the spirits of the dead, especially his dad.
Biggest fear: Losing Chloe, the love of his life.
Hobbies: Watching sports, reading, playing chess and video games, researching herbs and plants for spells, and baking.
How he spends a Saturday night: Hanging out with Chloe, Brianna, Kaiden, Rowan and Xavier.
Favorite food: Pizza
Best piece of advice he ever received: Be yourself. 

About the Author:

Patricia Proctor lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and cats. She has a Master's degree in Library and Information Science and has had a love of books and reading her whole life.

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