Saturday, August 16, 2014

Book Spotlight: Demon's Song by Sonya Bateman

Lead us into temptation.

A demon's job is to corrupt as many souls as possible. But for Jaeryth, there's only one soul, one woman he's interested in: Logan Frost. When his obsession with her causes his performance to suffer, the Prince of Hell strips him of his demonic status and sends him to the mortal realm on one last mission -- turn Logan to Hell's side, or kill her. An eternity of torture awaits him if he fails.

Logan, a struggling singer and recovering meth addict fresh out of rehab, has no idea she's destined to change the world. She only wants to survive. But she's hallucinating black-eyed figures that no one else sees -- and when she meets Jaeryth, who can see them too, her instant attraction deepens. Still, something isn't right about this gorgeous stranger who's never tried chocolate and doesn't seem to know how pants work.

As the legions of Hell fight harder to destroy Logan before her powerful influence spreads, Jaeryth will be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice. Meanwhile, Logan faces an impossible choice: save millions of souls... or the one who matters to her most.

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* * * *

Excerpt from Demon’s Song

Logan headed for her bedroom, feeling even less confident that taking this guy in was the right thing to do. There was something off about him—well, besides the obvious. People wandering around naked and beat up wasn’t an everyday occurrence, but at least there was the possibility of a plausible reason for that.
She couldn’t think of any explanation for a man who apparently didn’t know what hungry felt like.
One thing she knew for sure was that he couldn’t hang around naked. Because oh, God, that body was distracting, and she hated thinking that way when the guy was in such bad shape. It was wrong on so many levels, not the least of which was that she’d sworn off ogling men after the last one led her down the path of spiraling destruction.
Anyway, he was putting some clothes on. And he wasn’t staying.
She rifled through her sparsely filled drawers until she found the only things she owned that might fit him—a worn pair of gray sweatpants and an oversized night shirt with Tweety Bird on it. At least he wouldn’t look so damned attractive in this stuff.
When she went back to the living room, the mystery man was still passed out. Jaeryth, he’d said. No last name—not that she’d expected him to give one if he was really on the run. She stood in front of the couch and stared at him, trying to figure out why he seemed so familiar. It wasn’t because of the two-minute meeting at the thrift store. Even then, she’d felt this same shiver of recognition. Like he was an old friend dropping into a hole in her life that she didn’t know had been there.
His eyes opened slowly and fixed on her. “Logan.”
Something in the way he said her name simultaneously thrilled and terrified her. Standing here suddenly seemed like a bad idea. She would just give him the clothes and distract herself in the kitchen finding him something to eat…and despite her intentions, she wasn’t actually moving.
But he was. He straightened slowly, leaned forward and stood. The blanket fell away. She was absolutely not going to look down. His steady gaze held hers as he moved toward her, reached for her.
She really needed to stop him. And she wasn’t going to.

* * * *

About the Author: 
 Sonya Bateman lives in ‘scenic’ Central New York, with its two glorious seasons: winter and road construction. She is the author of the Gavyn Donatti urban fantasy series (Master of None / Master and Apprentice) from Simon & Schuster. Her pseudonym, S.W. Vaughn, writes M/M erotic paranormal romance for Loose Id, and thrillers for no one in particular.