Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book Review: Montanta Mustangs by Danica Winters

 Title: Montana Mustangs
Author: Danica Winters
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Released: May 6, 2013

Summary taken from Amazon:
Publication Date: May 6, 2013
A nymph: a woman with the ability to seduce at will, shift to protect, but cursed with the fate to have the man she falls in love with die a tragic death. As one of these ill-fated nymphs, Aura Montgarten has spent her lifetime drifting from one place to another hiding from love. Until she meets Dane.
When a body washes up on the shore of a rural Montana lake, police officer Dane Burke is faced with the task of finding the killer – even if it means he will be forced to put his life and heart at risk by working with a drifter. As the truth of Aura’s Mustang-shifting nymph ways are revealed, Dane learns exactly the amount of danger he and Aura are in, but can’t force himself to leave a case unsolved when the truth is just outside his grasp.
When the killer decides he needs to take another victim – Dane – Aura must choose between their forbidden love and her immortal life. Can there be life without love or is death her only choice?
Sensuality Level: Sensual

Review:  4/5 stars. I'm picky with my 5/5, so this is good!

     I received a random tweet one day last week from this author asking for a review. She sent me the link to check it out on Amazon before agreeing and I almost said no just based on the title and cover. Don’t get me wrong, the cover looks great, but I thought it was just your plain, run-of-the-mill romance novel. I was wrong and I’m glad that I was wrong!
    I love mysteries. That’s not a surprise as I drool over Criminal Minds and obsess over the paranormal crimes on Grimm. I do enjoy romances on occasion, but I rarely ever pick just a regular romance novel. This isn’t just a regular romance novel, so I didn’t make an exception. :)
The novel starts the mystery out quickly and held on to my attention as I wanted to know who the next victim would be and what on earth was going on. Honestly, that would have been enough to keep me hooked, yet there was still the paranormal aspect. I’d never read a book about shapeshifting nymphs, but I found the concept interesting. The biggest obstacle is that nymphs can’t fall in love or the lover will face a tragic death. HELLO, relationship issues! Even THAT would have been enough to keep me hooked without having the mystery!

     I won’t spoil the story, but I will say that I highly recommend this to BOTH romance and paranormal fans, even if you don’t usually read paranormal romance. The “magic” is just enough to satisfy a paranormal fan without it being too much for someone who may not usually read paranormal. I’m glad that I opted to read this and am looking forward to more from the author. You can find Montana Mustangs on Kindle for $3.82 and it is well worth the price! You can find the author at to learn more about this and her other books.