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Character Interview for The Brazen Amazon by Sandy James

Thanks so much for allowing me to guest blog for Paranormal Romance Fan! I thought it might be fun today to introduce you to the heroine in my new release by doing an “interview” with her! So here is what happened when I got together with Gina Himmel to talk about her life and her story—The Brazen Amazon!
Q. Hi, Gina! Welcome to Paranormal Romance Fan’s blog! How are you? 
A. Hi, Sandy! Thanks for having me. How am I? (chuckles) Busy. Had to chase down a demon and— Wait. Do your readers know about magicks? 
Q. Um…I imagine most do. I mean, this is Paranormal Romance Fan’s blog. Surely the readers realize there’s a whole other world living within ours that contains all sorts of magical creatures. But just to be sure, why don’t you tell them a little about what it’s like to be an Amazon. You’re Air, right?
A. Right. There are four of us—my sister—who—
Q. You mean the Amazons are really sisters? Blood sisters? 
A. No. Sorry. I’m just so close to the other Amazons I think of them as my sisters. 
Q. I see. Sorry to interrupt. (Noted for readers, but Gina’s short brown hair has begun to morph into a light red.) What’s going on with the hair?
A. My Air Amazon powers come from my goddess, Ix Chel. She thought it might be fun to give me hair highlights that change color with my moods.
Q. Cool gift. It was red, although now it’s going back to brown. What does red mean? 
A. I was mad because you interrupted me. 
Q. Oops. Sorry. I’ll be quiet now and let you tell us about your sisters. 
A. In every generation, four women are born with the powers endowed by goddesses who control Air, Water, Earth, and Sky. I was working as an air traffic controller a few years ago. I was out one night, getting a bite to eat by myself before a shift, and this guy came up and introduced himself. He acted nervous, and I thought for a minute he might be some serial killer or something.
No such luck. It was Johann—sorry, Johann Herrmann. He told me he was the trainer of women warriors and that I was meant to be the new Air Amazon. He said I’d have the power to jump great distances and that I’d be able to know when zombies were growing close.
Q. Just like that? He said, “Come with me, I’m going to make you a superhero who jumps really high and knows where the zombies are?”
A. Yep. Just like that.
Q. What did you do?
A. I laughed in his face and left the restaurant. He followed. Then he said he’d prove it to me. He ran out into traffic, telling me he’d die if I didn’t save him.  
Q. What did you do? 
A. What else could I do? I saved him.
When I saw a car coming right at him, I jumped. Twenty-five feet in one leap. I got to him, wrapped my arms around him, and jumped again. Made it all the way to the other side of the street. Let’s just say after that, I believed him. Then he said we needed to find the Water Amazon and that he’d train us together. And he did.
Later on, Sarita—that’s my Water sister—and I met Rebecca and Megan. They’re Earth and Air. And now, we all fight together.
Q. What’s this book—The Brazen Amazon—about? You? Or you and your sisters?
A. All of the above. Where one of us goes, the others are sure to follow. But I don’t want to spoil the story. Let’s just say we know somehow the story ends because Sarita’s book—we call her The Volatile Amazon 
Q. Why? (Noted for the reader, Gina’s hair is now turning red again.) Um…sorry. Didn’t mean to jump in there—if you’ll excuse the pun. I was just curious how those names were chosen. 
A. The stories are named for each of our greatest flaws. Rebecca wasn’t happy to find out she was an Amazon. So Earth’s story is The Reluctant Amazon. Megan is Fire, and she can be a bit…um…impulsive. Her book is The Impetuous Amazon. I don’t think I’m really all that brazen, but… evidently you do since you chose the damn title. Sarita is definitely volatile. I’m closer to her than Rebecca or Megan, and I can tell you, the word fits her to a T.
Q. Ha ha ha… I totally forgot, I’m the author! Well, I know how busy you are Gina, so one last question. What do you think is the best part of being an Amazon? 
A. Swiping the heads of zombies. Love, love, love dropping those disgusting creatures!
Q. Thanks again for answering my questions, and thanks again to the Paranormal Romance Fan for having us both as guests! 
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The Brazen Amazon
Alliance of the Amazons

Book Three
Sandy James

ISBN: 9781426895456
Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance

Publisher: Carina Press
Date of Publication: May 6th, 2013

ASIN: B00BED2726

Number of pages: 384
Word Count:103000

Cover Artist: Kix by Design
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Book Description:

Zach Hanson is a tech wizard, capable of creating and improving gadgets... including remote nuclear warhead launchers. But he's always known that he's destined for something more, something greater, something...supernatural.

Powerful Air Amazon Gina Himmel is one of four sisters called to protect the world from those who would do it harm. Demigods in league with an Ancient have been taking over the bodies of leaders in the military and technological sectors, and Gina is sent to San Francisco to watch over Zach.

Under Gina's protection, Zach is introduced to a world of ancient deities, rogue gods and the bold, brazen Amazons who keep humanity safe. Amidst the whirlwind of battle, Zach and Gina discover a love that could give them the power to save the world...or destroy it.

About the Author:

Sandy lives in a quiet suburb of Indianapolis with her husband of thirty years and is a high school social studies teacher. She and her husband own a small stable of harness racehorses and enjoy spending time at the two Indiana racetracks.

The Alliance of the Amazons urban fantasy series from Carina Press has premiered with book 1, The Reluctant Amazon, book 2, The Impetuous Amazon, and book 3, The Brazen Amazon. The series concludes with book 4, The Volatile Amazon, in September.

Look for a new contemporary romance series from Grand Central Forever Yours in 2013/2014!

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