Friday, July 19, 2013

Christmas in July Blog Hop

BWS tips buttonAlright, it is finally that time for Christmas in July!! We are so excited...

Bring on the gifts!

As a special gift to our regular readers I'm excited to announce that Danica Winters has kindly agreed to give us a sneak peek of her upcoming release,

Christmas Wishes (to be released August, 2013).
Chapter One
A solitary snowflake landed on the pine bough wreath in Lee Llewellyn’s hands.  Its lacy white edges curled around the warm boughs like melting fingers, dripping down the pin-point needles and falling unceremoniously to the frozen grass of the cemetery. 
The grass crunched under her feet as she made her way to the familiar marble headstone with the bird scribed into the inky black stone.  At the base were last week’s roses, their head’s drooping in icy lamentation.  The aged, brittle roses reminded her of the way she always seemed to feel—frozen in time, just waiting for someone to pluck her from her stupor, only to be replaced by newer, fresher beauty. 
Today the flowers would stay. Lee couldn’t bring herself to destroy their despondent beauty.  They could stay one more week. Daniel wouldn’t mind. Or at least, she hoped his spirit wouldn’t.  In truth, he’d never been one for flowers anyway.  If anything the flowers were more for her, just as the wreath in her hands.  Curling the velvety red ribbon so it sat perfectly at the center, she sat the circular wreath next to the roses, careful to leave her son’s name legible. 
She read the each word as she had a thousand times before. Daniel Edward Llewellyn.  Born May 10th, 1983. Died December 23, 2010. 
The tear trickled down Lee’s cheek, unchecked by time or self-control. She couldn’t imagine a time when the deep pain of those words would leave her unaffected.  Yes, they were only words, little letters etched into stone, but they signified so much pain. So many memories. They were everything, just as Daniel had once been…and still was.
A car roared to a stop behind her on the drive.  Turning slightly from the grave, she glanced back in time to see a man in a well-worn ranch jacket get out of an oversized truck.  Stepping out, he caught her gaze and gave her an acknowledging dip of the head.  Reaching back in the truck, he pulled out a  cowboy hat and slipped it over his slightly too long locks.
Though she didn’t recognize the brunette man with his stubble-ridden cheeks, flickers of annoyance filled her.  He had no right to interfere with her grief.  He had no right to disturb her time with Daniel... (continued) 

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