Friday, July 12, 2013

Welcome Debut Author Janette Harjo

Please help me welcome a debut author to our blog, Janette Harjo!  Janette has just signed her first book contract--Congrats, Janette! We are so excited for you.  We'd love to know a little more about your upcoming books!

Hi Everybody!  I’m Janette Harjo and, as a debut author at Books To Go Now, am thrilled to be able to post here on Danica Winters’ blog about my upcoming trilogy, CONNECTIONS. 

The trilogy I have written is an encompassing story which concerns 2 souls, Valerie and Alecksander, who are destined to be as one, but are cursed to search throughout time for their connection.  Will they ever succeed in putting an end to the curse on their spirits, and achieve their intended fates?

The first release in this trilogy is titled FATED.  It has an estimated late August/early September release date.  In this go at the pre-destiny of their souls, Valerie and Alecksander are incarnated in Massachusetts during the 17th century days of the American colonies. 

Valerie possesses a natural empathic soul.  She is suspected of witchcraft, because of her inborn talent, during those frenzied days of paranoia in the new world.  With her compassionate heart, Valerie uses her talent to help the children who act possessed.  She sees and eases the emotional turmoil’s of those children, who she loves very much. 

Well versed in the supernatural arts, Alecksander is a renowned witch hunter.  He is called upon to prove the suspected witch's guilt, and see her burnt at the stake.

The two battle against the emotional draw of their intended destinies from the very first time they meet, but are certain a connection exists between them.  They long for each other with a passion that is almost unbearable.  Even so, he has a job to do, and she has herself and the children she loves, to protect. 

Will the inner being within each of them be able to achieve what is meant to be between them, and spend the rest of their lifetimes in the marital bliss they were created for?  Or will the curse prevail and their search for each other continue through all their incarnations?

You can follow me and my books on my BlogSpot at  Or you will be able to find my books on Books To Go Now at  I am also on Twitter @JanetteHarjo, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  I look forward to hearing from you and what you think of this blog.

The estimated release date for FATED is late August/early September.  Thank you all for your time and to Danica for allowing my post on her blog!