Thursday, August 8, 2013

Review - Going Lupe by A.R. Dawn

Going Lupe
by A.R. Dawn
Book One

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Publishing Date: July 12, 2013
Publisher: Smashwords

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About Going LupeEver since puberty hit and Alex turned into a wolf, she’s known something else is out there. One day, she finally finds that something else- and quickly wishes she hadn't. 
Until she meets Warren. An Alpha who knows exactly what he wants.
But a threat that could destroy everything is coming…

Review by Cary Morgan Frates

Ms. Alex Hunter is in a world of hurt. Having recently found out she is a werewolf, the story opens after her abduction and placement in a breeding camp. Living by her wits and instinct, she manages, barely, to escape and carve out a niche in a world she doesn't understand, with a man she must learn to accept. While the writing is something less than polished, and typos crop up from time to time, the story-telling is good and the premise interesting. Despite the writerly issues, I was left with a desire to know more about this very interesting group of lupes, and where Alex’s bold nature will take her next. Good start.

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