Thursday, August 29, 2013

Guest Blog: Harper A. Brooks Author of His Haven

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As a writer, I get asked all the time “Why writing?” It's a solitary hobby and doesn't promote physical interaction. It's hard work too, full of self-doubt and sometimes self-loathing. So why do I write? 
Because I am creating something that wasn't there before. That—to me—is just beautiful. I also love the surprises that come with writing. I'll write something and put it away for some time, and when I go back to it, I can't believe I wrote it. It amazes me. When I read my work as a reader and not the writer, I can't believe that I created something so wonderful. Hopefully, once done, other people can enjoy it too. This is what I hope for all those wanting to read my newest release, His Haven.

by Harper A. Brooks

Ignorance isn't always bliss...

Handsome and diligent Avrum Brenin should have died in the fire with his mother and older brother. Instead, he is saved by the powerful and wealthy immortal, Lord Henri. Placed under his care, Avrum shares in his world of endless splendors. He must do one thing in returnlook after Haven, a human and Lord Henris newest rescue.

The simple task proves to be more complicated than it seems. Haven is disobedient, ungrateful, and hostile, yet she is beautiful and mystifying at the same time. One night, when Avrum stumbles across Haven barely clothed and bound at the wrists, the world he has trusted in unravels before his eyes. He soon discovers that no onefrom Lord Henri and Haven to his closest friend, Lysanderare who they seem to be.

Now faced with the truth, will Avrum choose to surrender to the man who rescued him, or will he have the courage to save the woman who captivated him?


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His Haven is a fantastic mix of historical and paranormal romanceAction. Romance. A touch of horror. You cant put this book down.–Cynthia Carole, author of the Cedarville Novella Series

“Exciting and suspenseful… sweet and hot all at the same time. I recommend that anyone that loves books about vampires read this and you won’t regret it.”– Crystal N., Reviewer from SSYL 


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About the Author

Harper A. Brooks lives in a small town on the New Jersey shore and is currently a student on her way to a degree in English and in Secondary Education. Even as a young child, she has always surrounded herself with good literature, so it is no surprise that her love for reading and writing has expanded into all parts of her life. She is a dedicated softball coach, student, teacher, and friend who enjoys writing about fantastical worlds when she believes real life gets too mundane.

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