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Author Interview & Giveaway: Victoria Danaa author of Gathering Storm

Gathering Storm
The Order of the Black Swan
Book Five
Victoria Danann

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: 7th House   

ISBN: 978-1-933320-93-9

Number of pages: 320
Word Count: 85k

Cover Artist: Victoria Danann

Book Description:

The fifth installment in the Black Swan serial saga. READING IN ORDER STRONGLY RECOMMENDED. That’s why we have a try-before-you-buy-program. The first book in the saga, My Familiar Stranger, is PermaFREE everywhere.

THE NEWSLETTER: Z Team, a.k.a Zed Company, is transferred to Jefferson Unit, which is being temporarily retired as an active hunter facility and converted to a research / training institution. Sol takes his first vacation – ever – leaving Glen in charge with Storm supervising. Rosie is proving to be an extraordinary little girl and Deliverance is in BIG trouble with her mother.

THE SURPRISES: Storm is really not himself. Former members of B Team must reunite to preserve his image and reputation.  No one could have prepared for the surprises Rosie delivers.

THE ADVENTURE: The Ralengclan send a second wave assassination team to Jefferson Unit at the worst possible time, when it’s been left defended by only Z Team, Glen, the Lady Laiken and the trainees.

Our Interview with Victoria Danann:
Welcome Victoria, and thanks for taking the time to interview with us. We are looking forward to discovering a little bit about you.

Where are you from and from where/who did your love for writing come from?
I was born in Austin, Texas. Sixth generation. Where does writing come from? For all I know I 
brought it forward from another lifetime.

Can you say that your journey to publication was difficult? If so, what were the hardest 
moments to get through?
I owned a small publishing company for almost fifteen years, specializing in New Age books, 
calendars, sidelines. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I didn’t have time or patience for 
traditional publishing, so I published through my own company. So, no, it wasn’t difficult. 

How do you overcome i-suck-at this, that little voice in your head that tells you your writing 
isn’t good enough?
This may sound bad, but I’ve never experienced that. 

What is your dream vacation?
I would like to take one of those repositioning cruises where you’re at sea for about ten days with 
nothing to do but eat, sleep, look at the water, and write.

Describe your writing style in five words.
I’m sorry. I’ve never had a class on writing so I don’t know what you’re looking for. I would 
have to just repeat the word “mine” five times.

What movies are you currently excited to see?
I’ve been so busy with books and music, I haven’t paid attention.

What are you currently reading?
Sweet Dreams, Kristen Ashley

If you weren’t a writer, what other careers would you pursue?
I’ve already had lives in airlines, as an evening wear designer, and a Classic Rock musician. I 
think this is the last stop.

If you could create a holiday of your own, what would it be called?
Men have to do all the planning, shopping, decorating, cooking, and cleaning up Winter Solstice 

For people who haven’t read your novel, how would you summarize the plot?
This is the fifth installment in a serial saga that must be read in order to be understood and 
appreciated. The short version blurb is this. Storm is REALLY not himself. B Team must reunite 
to try and preserve his reputation. Jefferson Unit is left defended by a skeleton crew when 
Ralengclan renew their assassination mission. This book explores an age old questions. Do you 
believe in destiny? Do you think any part of it is predetermined by fate?

What are two of your pet-peeves?
1. People who wait until their groceries are completely bagged and then start fishing in their 
purse or pocket for a paper checkbook. 
2. Books that pass themselves off as novels and give no indication of a cliff hanger until 
you’re, well, left hanging on the last page. 

To you, what makes a good story?
Was I emotionally engaged? Do I care about the characters? Am I satisfied with the outcome?

What usually turns you off about a story?
Phrases that get repeated too often. Example. I fell in love with a New Adult trilogy that shall go 
unnamed. Loved everything about it except the fact that all the characters “smacked” each other. 
The smacking could mean anything from a love pat to a black eye. I’m coming from a culture 
wherein I don’t smack and am not smacked – with the possible exception of Slug Bug. In these 
books there was so much smacking going on that I had my Kindle count at one point. It was 
something like 93 mentions in the first book, 60 odd occurrences in the second book, and I don’t 
recall the third. The reason why it irritated was because it reached the point where each mention 
of smacking took me out of the story temporarily.

If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose, and why?
Without hesitation, Stephen King. Always wanted to meet him. Call me Uncle Stevie.

What is on your night stand? 
TV that never gets turned on unless I’m sick, a lamp, and a Kindle Fire.

What is your favorite book?
Memnock the Devil, Anne Rice.    

Thank you, Victoria.! Great Interview.  Everyone, be sure to check out Victoria's giveaway and the bottom of the page!          

About the Author:
If you're looking for something new and different in PNR, you've come to the right place.
I write unapologetic romances with uniquely fresh perspectives on paranormal creatures, characters, and themes. Add a dash of scifi and a flourish of fantasy to enough humor to make you laugh out loud and enough steam to make you squirm in your chair. My heroines are independent femmes with flaws and minds of their own whether they are aliens, witches, demonologists, psychics, or past life therapists. My heroes are hot and hunky, but they also have brains, character, and good manners - usually - whether they be elves, demons, berserkers, werewolves, or vampires.
My first book, My Familiar Stranger, was nominated for Best Paranormal Romance of 2012 by the Reviewers' Choice  and Readers’ Choice Awards. Each of my books has remained on the Amazon best seller list in category every day since release. All four also earned the Night Owl Reviews TOP PICK award and have remained on the Amazon Best Sellers list every day since release.
My work has been compared to J R Ward, Karen Marie Moning, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Lara Adrian. For example:
"I do see shades of Lara Adrian's Breed books and shades of J R Wards Black Dagger books, but this story is unique enough that it stands out all on its own and can stand up along side those other books and I think given time will elbow them out of the way with the rich story telling and deep emotional core that makes you want to know more." - Kerry, Musings of a Bookworm
The Order of the Black Swan is a series that is also a serial saga. Each book is an episodic installment in an ongoing story. Join me for the adventure.


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