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Giveaway & Author Interview: Time for Love by Emma Kaye

Time for Love
by Emma Kaye

Genre: Time travel romance

Publisher:The Wild Rose Press
Date of Publication: December 2013
Number of pages:  354
Cover Artist: Debbie Taylor

Our Interview with author Emma Kaye:
Where are you from and from where/who did your love for writing come from?
I’m a Jersey girl, born and bred. I was born in Perth Amboy, but grew up mostly in Parsippany. My neighborhood had a little library where I devoured the small romance section. But my love of reading definitely came from my mom. There were always books around the house. And she always believed I was meant to do something creative. I didn’t believe her for the longest time, but when I eventually decided to try to write, her encouragement meant a lot to me.
Can you say that your journey to publication was difficult? If so, what were the hardest moments to get through?
I wouldn’t say it was difficult, but it wasn’t easy either. It took quite a while and was a lot of hard work, but that’s to be expected. I think the hardest moments come after rejection. Why is it so easy to believe the bad things people have to say about you, but so difficult to believe the positive?
How do you overcome i-suck-at-this, that little voice in your head that tells you your writing isn’t good enough?
I send an email to my critique partners telling them how much I suck. They tell me everything they love about my writing and remind me that i-suck-itis usually goes away in a day or two. So I switch to another project for the rest of the day and come back fresh the next. It never seems quite so bad the next day.
What is your dream vacation?
Scuba diving someplace tropical with clear water, colorful fish, and gorgeous corral. And while we’re dreaming, can we pretend I actually look good in a wetsuit?
Describe your writing style in five words.
Emotional, witty, active, smooth, romantic
What movies are you currently excited to see?
I would love to go see Thor and The Hunger Games, but I’m more likely to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.
What are you currently reading?
I always have a few books open at any point in time. What I pick up depends on my mood. Currently, I just finished Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione, I’m in the midst of Seducing Charlotte by Diana Quincy, and I just bought Untangle My Heart by Maria K. Alexander, which I’m excited to start.
If you weren’t a writer, what other careers would you pursue?
If I were to have my choice, and the chance to learn the skills I’d need, I would choose to go into graphic design.
If you could create a holiday of your own, what would it be called?
I was stumped on this one, but my critique partner, Lita Harris, came up with ChocoVino Day. I don’t think I can top that. It’s such a great idea, my critique partners and I have decided to pick a day and begin the festivities!
For people who haven’t read your novel, how would you summarize the plot?
A woman travels back in time to save her sister from being brutally murdered. The captain of the ship she sails on is an English lord on his way home to take up the responsibilities of the title he inherited from his estranged older brother. She’s determined to find her sister and return back to the 21st century. He wants to return to a home he’d been banished from by a jealous brother. Neither expects to fall in love on their journey.
What are two of your pet-peeves?
I don’t like when papers don’t line up. I know, it’s a stupid pet peeve, but it irks me. I will get out my staple remover and re-staple a stack of papers that aren’t flush. And for number two, I’ll say unclear instructions. I hate when I try to do something but can’t figure out how because the directions are a mess.
To you, what makes a good story?
The characters. I don’t necessarily have to love the characters all the time, but I have to believe them.
What usually turns you off about a story?
When the characters make decisions that don’t make sense according to what I know about them or the story.
If you could collaborate with any author, who would you choose, and why?
This is an easy one because I just released an anthology of Christmas stories last month along with my critique partners, Ruth A. Casie, Lita Harris and Nicole S. Patrick. Our friend Julie Rowe also contributed a story to Timeless Keepsakes: A Collection of Christmas Stories and Sharon Sala wrote a lovely introduction. We are currently working on the next in the Timeless short story series entitled Timeless Escapes: A Collection of Summer Stories and are super excited that Roxanne St. Claire has agreed to write the intro.
What is on your night stand?
Right now, there’s a bottle of water, an alarm clock and a binder of DVDs. But the nightstand is on my husband’s side of the bed. If it were on mine, I’d probably have a stack of books and my Kindle as well.
What is your favorite book?
I have several and I don’t know if I can choose among them. It all depends on my mood. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Masqueraders by Georgette Heyer, The Harry Potter Series, Dune by Frank Herbert, and The Chronicles of the Cheysuli by Jennifer Roberson come to mind, but there are many others.

Book Description:

Alexandra Turner will do anything to save her twin sister. Even when she’s transported back in time to Regency England. Rescuing her sister and finding her way back to her own time will take all her concentration. Falling in love is not an option.
With the death of his brother, Nicholas Somerville became the ninth Marquess of Oakleigh and must return to England to take his place in society. Part of his responsibility will be to find a wife. It never occurs to him he might actually discover a woman he could love--until he meets Alex on his voyage home.
Can Alex and Nicholas find a way to bridge the gap of time and circumstance? Can they overcome their fears to realize that true love transcends time? Or will a dark secret from Alex's past rear up to separate them forever?

Her gaze drifted to his mouth as he spoke, fascinated by the way the scar pulled slightly at the corner. She felt a strong urge to kiss that corner, to run her tongue along the seam and dip between his lips, along his teeth.
He turned away, and she blinked herself back to reality. She couldn’t believe the thoughts that kept popping into her head when she looked at him. And she was going to be stuck on a ship with him for almost a month.
Dressed like a boy.
He set off, and she rushed after him, thankful he couldn’t see the blush heating her cheeks. It was going to be a long month.She caught up, practically jogging to keep pace with his long strides.
He looked her briefly up and down in an assessing manner that strained Alex’s nerves. “You don’t look like much of a sailor, and you’re too young to have any skill as a carpenter.”
She was surprised he hadn’t already uncovered her disguise. Her instincts warned her he wouldn’t be easy to fool, and she would be smart to keep her distance, even if distance was the last thing she wanted right now. Of course, it wouldn’t be a problem if he decided she wasn’t qualified to work on his ship.
“You’re wondering what possessed him to hire me. Perhaps he took pity on me, or maybe I’m better qualified than I look,” she replied haughtily, and immediately wished she could take the last part back. Now he might think she had some sailing skill. 
He snorted, and she got the feeling amusement had replaced his annoyance, though his expression hadn’t changed. “My guess would be pity. He sometimes has more heart than sense.” He sighed. “Despite some of 
his more—emotional—decisions, he’s a good first mate and has served me well. We’ll have to see how you fare.” He gave her a slightly puzzled look. “There’s something about you though. I can’t quite put my finger on it.” 
Alex breathed a sigh of relief when they arrived at the tavern where she’d met the Adonis the night before. This time of the morning everything was quiet, and they had to wait a few moments before anyone came to see what they wanted. A sour-faced woman entered the room, muttering about the hour and cursing under her breath. But after a quick glance at Nicholas’s face, she quieted and listened to his request. She told them which room the first mate was in then quickly disappeared through the door by which she had entered. 
“Follow me.” Nicholas climbed the stairs and knocked loudly on the appropriate door. He didn’t wait for an answer before pushing it open. 
The Adonis slept soundly in the middle of the large bed that dominated the room. A blanket draped around his hips didn’t disguise the fact he was naked. 
Alex had a difficult time deciding where to look. On his left, the pretty waitress from the night before was hastily pulling the covers up to her chin, while another woman on his right merely reached over to try to waken her bed partner, as though the appearance of two people at the door was hardly cause to cover up.
“I can see why he didn’t show,” Alex muttered under her breath. She hadn’t meant to be heard, but apparently Nicholas had good hearing and laughed.
“Quite understandable,” he said, still chuckling.
Meanwhile, the first mate opened his eyes and looked up at the captain. “Bloody hell. Am I late?”

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About the Author:      

Emma Kaye is married to her high school sweetheart and has two beautiful kids that she spends an insane amount of time driving around central New Jersey. Before ballet classes and soccer entered her life, she decided to try writing one of those romances she loved to read and discovered a new passion. She has been writing ever since. Add in a playful puppy and an extremely patient cat and she's living her own happily ever after while making her characters work hard to reach theirs
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