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Guest Blog & Giveaway: Syphon's Song by Anise Rae

Syphon’s Song
Mayflower Mages
Book One
Anise Rae

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Lyrical Press/Kensington
Date of Publication: March 3, 2014
Number of pages: 359
Cover Artist: Renee Rocco

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Book Description:
Legends say a syphon can drain a mage dry. He’ll brave the danger. Will she?

Someone’s playing pranks. The body of the late Casteel patriarch has been stolen and gifted to the family’s enemy, the powerful Rallises. As far as Bronte Casteel is concerned, they can keep it. She hasn’t spoken to her family in thirteen years, not since they exiled her from society for her lack of mage power. But she’s a syphon mage, able drain another mage’s power. Syphons’ destinies are always the same: death by fiery stake. She hides her secret by living among the Nons--powerless humans and the lowest class in the Republic. When her family orders her to go plead for the body’s return, she comes face to face with the one man who knows her secret.

Colonel Vincent Rallis isn’t letting his syphon get away this time. Not when she’s under suspicion of body-napping and aiding anti-mage terrorists. He’ll prove her innocence whether she wants him to or not, and then convince her they belong together...forever.
Vincent’s help comes with a steep price: Bronte must reveal her power. The inevitable ensuing witch-hunt and trial would be bad enough, but even a tough girl might buckle if her prosecutors are her own parents.

CONTENT WARNING: Hot, steamy nights with the colonel’s magic touch.

PRFL would like to extend a very warm welcome to Anise Rae, author of Syphon's Song, and thank her for sharing some thoughts with us. Enjoy~ 

Hocus Pocus, Bring on the Focus…

There have been a few times in my life when I could have used a good potion. A potion to cure tongue-tiedness, a potion to melt away a dozen pounds of fat, a potion to bestow everlasting youth upon my wrinkling face. Alas, I’ve yet to find an elixir for much of anything, not counting coffee that merely endows a shaky energy upon its victim.

What’s a writer to do when the real thing doesn’t exist? Why, she makes it up and adds it to her imaginary world that everyone else calls a novel.

Syphon’s Song has a potionness…a mage whose true power enables her to create elixirs that affect a mage’s physical body as well as his/her energetic aspects. Her name is Althea and she appears in the story only for the blink of an eye, long enough to serve a potion to one crazy character who downs it. Presto chango…clarity! Pretty close to what I could have used last week when my ‘to do’ list lengthened past the realm of possible. Not only were there not enough hours in the day to accomplish it all, there wasn’t enough mental fuel in my tank to energize me through those long hours of needed focus.

I needed a focus potion.

Caffeine wasn’t the entire answer. I needed to go past what coffee could offer. (Think colossal final exams that test you over everything you’ve learned in your life. This was the type of challenge my brain faced. It’s called massive editing on a tight deadline.)

I needed a potion that would keep my brain sharp and my focus honed. Though I didn’t have a bubbling brew of magic handy, I found my version of it…ping pong. I took short breaks and played with my ten-year-old. He pretended we were in the French Open and commentated the play during our matches. I was Djokovic. He was Nadal. (If you, like me, don’t know tennis, those are two of the top men in the world. The French Open was on TV while we were playing. Nadal beat Djokovic to win.)

My magic potion for renewing my focus was a droplet of physical activity with a heavy dose of laughter, consumed within fifteen minutes in the company of one of my favorite people in the world. The power of love and laughter…just the thing a romance writer needs to renew her soul…just the thing we all need. Should you ever find yourself in need of some magic in your own life, I wish you a potion of ping-pong power.

Happy reading! And may you always syphon the good vibes of life.

~Anise Rae

Here’s a question for you all: If you were a potionness, what kind of magic elixir would you whip up for yourself?

Interesting question, and I look forward to the answers! Thank you so much for joining us today, Anise. We really enjoyed the visit. Good luck and great sales with Syphon's Song

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About the Author:

Anise Rae grew up among the cornfields and soybeans of Ohio, dreaming of being a ballerina, an astronaut, and a romance writer. Thanks to her soul deep love of chocolate and a lack of natural grace, her ballerina dreams floated away as high as the moon, equidistant with the astronaut aspiration. She stuck with writing.
Now transplanted to the south, Anise lives in the suburbs of Atlanta with her kids and a dog gifted with the power of finding dirty socks.

Syphon’s Song, a 2012 Maggie Award of Excellence finalist, is the first book in the Mayflower Mages series. 
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