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A Paranormal Romance Author's Opinion on Macbeth

As Part of the Romance Madness Blog Hop, I wanted to kick it up a notch... And what is more Mad and centered on the Paranormal than Shakespeare's Macbeth?

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Paranormal Literature has been alive and well for centuries, take for example, Shakespeare's Macbeth.  In the play, a trio of witches tells Macbeth that he will be king.  In effect, they set off a rollarcoaster of horrific murders and an bloody path to power. 
These three witches play an important role in perpetuating the hero in his role of becoming the antagonist.  (What an amazing thought--though I'm afraid romance readers would not enjoy a hero who becomes the villian--or would they?)
A simply question could be asked--Did the witches cause his descent into madness or was their prophecy only a foretelling of things to come into his life? 
In my humble opinion, I believe that they perpetuated the effects.  They set his murderous rampage into action.  He tells Lady Macbeth about the prophecy--in effect furthing the ego behind the witches words.  Freud actually likened Macbeth to the three aspects of personality: selfish instincts (his desire to become king), realistic thinking (the belief he must kill to fulfill prophecy), and moralistic conscious (the fact that he knows his actions are deplorable).  Yet, thanks to Lady Macbeth, he is spurned on to take continuing action because people, by nature, are suggestable--and, for him, pressure is coming from every angle--fate, marriage, internal choice and a fear of failure.   
"Stars, hide your fires!
Let not light see my black and deep desires."
--Macbeth, Act I, scene IV
As an author of paranormal romance, I am of the school of thought that men are often predictable because of their desire to please, their drive for power, and their susceptability to public opinion. Yet, I like to hold out hope that the characters I write will not be like Macbeth--I write dark fiction, but the shadows I create are often killed by the light. 
What do you think? Do you think that the witches have planted the thought and causes action?  Or do you think Macbeth would have acted on his own freewill without the witches prophecy?  Why?
"Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!—One; two: why, then
'tis time to do't.—Hell is murky."
- Macbeth, Act  V, scene I

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