Monday, January 14, 2013

Vampire Vs. Werewolf Blog Hop

Asking us here at the Paranormal Romance Fans for Life if we love Werewolves or Vampires more is a question that we simply cannot answer.  It's like choosing between chocolate and wine--they're both great, but each has a specific need to fill. 
So instead of saying "VS." We are changing our little stop on the hop to "Vampires and Werewolves" and we are taking this chance to highlight some of favorites through the use of visual aids!

Our Favorite Weres:

Werewolf in: True Blood
Alcide Herveaux: (NOT a Were in the books, but is in the TV show so...)

 Werewolf in: Twilight Saga
And we can't highlight Weres without these handsome men. (The Quileute Pack)

Werewolf In: The Vampire Diaries  (Taylor Kinney)

Werewolf In: Underworld, Underworld: Evolution (Scott Speedman)

Our Favorite Vamps:

Vampire In:  Dracula 2000 (Gerard Butler)

Vampire In: True Blood (Alexander Skarrsgard as Eric Northman)

Vampire In: Interview With a Vampire (Louis)

Who is your favorite werewolf?  Vampire?

As a thank you to our guests we are offering a Werewolf/Vampire Giveaway hosted by Paranormal Romance Author Danica Winters (whose books The Vampire's Hope (Where the Vampires don't sparkle) and Curse of the Wolf (where forbidden passions are the name of the game) are below).  She is offering 10 Swag Packages!  Good luck!
Other hop spots: