Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sexy Heroes by Karyn Gerrard

A big part of paranormals continued popularity is the hero. Why do they appeal?

Dark and tortured goes without saying. These heroes are usually 6'5 or taller and their bodies and faces would make Greek Gods weep. They are all hugely endowed and in a perpetual state of arousal. They usually have dark pasts. Centuries of pain and loss tossed into the mix or their life-state itself.

Complicating their lives is dealing with that life-state. The burden they carry, the agony of being a Vampire, a Werewolf or a Shape Shifter. A curse. No one can know what they endure. So they shut themselves off, emotionally. Until they meet—her.

Okay, so he has this—thing. No one is perfect. So he changes into a Werewolf once a month, or can shape shift into a Jaguar, or has this bug-a-boo with blood. We can work around that, right?

I would. In a New York minute. It's all make believe—fantasy. Another reason paranormal and the heroes appeal? Authors create amazingly detailed mythos and worlds to surround these dark, tortured hunks and it makes for an immensely rich and satisfying read.

The love scenes are smokin' hot. As I said, these guys have incredible stamina, barely containing the beast within.

What I believe is at the heart of these books is finding your true soul mate, the love of your life, who will understand and accept you for what you are. Unconditional love. So rare. And it all is an extension of the fairy tales of old. Kiss a frog, you get a prince. Same concept.

Only this time you get the Prince of Darkness.

So tell me, what paranormal hero appeals to you and why? I have a PDF copy of BLACK HEART up for grabs for one lucky person!

Blurb: Head of the Blackthorne Clan, Deegan Black has known heartache and pain. A dangerous and powerful Ancient Vampire, Deegan has learned to control much more than his clan. Is he powerful enough to deny the Mate Bond he feels for Raylene Nightwood?

Raylene is a Dhampyre, and the daughter of his blood brother, Raynor, who for decades has yearned for Deegan Black, only to be coldly rebuffed. Can the tragedies and complications the clan experiences bring them together, or threaten to tear them apart forever?

Raylene awakened feelings in him he thought he would not have again. Deegan considered these passions to be little more than vampiric mythology. She awakened heart.

Excerpt:  His mate.

They could only have sex with each other now, no one else. It had been over one hundred and fifty years since he last took the Mate Bond, so it would be quite an adjustment to be faithful with one woman going forward. But it was done now, no going back.

He didn’t want to go back.

This was beyond lust, and he knew it. Or he wouldn’t have fought it for as long as he did. He didn’t want to love again. Seemed fate had other plans.

Deegan pulled into his driveway. He put the car in park, ran around to the passenger door, and lifted Raylene into his arms. At five feet-six, she was a perfect fit for him with her lush curves and full, sensual mouth, plus she had Raynor’s best facial features. She wasn’t drop dead gorgeous, as Julian had managed to get the perfect, pretty looks, but Raylene possessed a beauty all her own.

He ran into his house, taking the stairs two at time. He sensed they were alone—perfect. Raylene’s arm circled his neck, and she nuzzled his throat, murmuring what she wanted him to do to her. He was ready to explode in his jeans.

He lowered her to the floor none too gently, and they both began aggressively removing each other’s clothes. Naked, they stood facing each other. Before he fell on her like a wild beast, he wanted her to know, even if he could not yet put it into words. He cupped her face and angled it upward and kissed her lips. A soft meshing, an affectionate invasion, his tongue moved slowly inside her mouth, caressing every inch, tasting and sucking. She exhaled with such an achingly passionate moan the sound bordered on a sob.

His heart clenched in his chest, his unused, blackened-to-a-cinder heart. With just that small noise, she reawakened the heart that was so unsure of so many things after decades of neglect. He couldn’t wait anymore. His arms pulled her close so their bodies were cleaved into one, her soft curves embracing his body’s sharp angles and hardness. His kiss grew more demanding, and she gave it right back. God, he loved that about her. He loved her.
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