Friday, February 22, 2013

Mayhem and Off the Wall Names? by Ashlyn Mathews

Why I love Paranormal Romance...

I not only love to read paranormal romances but I enjoy writing them too. As writers, we have the freedom to make our paranormal worlds as dark or light as possible. And by that, I don’t mean in relations to night or day, serious or light-humored. Dark worlds can be chaotic worlds where the lines of right and wrong are hazy while evil is disguised beneath an illusion of goodness, or vice versa. Or it can be a world of hope and light, friendship and love a beacon through the darkness.

You choose. How do you like your paranormal worlds — small towns or urban settings; past, present or post-apocalyptic; a world where supernatural beings coexist with others or do they live and fight in secret? The imagination knows no boundaries.

I also love the freedom to choose unconventional names. Yes, there are the occasional common names like Ryan, Sophie and Alexandra (Alex) in my paranormal romance, Shadow Watcher. However, for My Fallen, my newest release, the names came as I wrote, and once I put their dialogues to paper, their personality matched their names — Xavier Doom, Drake Sterling, Sacred, Trader, Defcon and Elise Castle.

Xavier is the ruthless demon, Drake is the poor human turned billionaire vampire, Sacred is X’s right hand man while Trader and Defcon are X’s sidekicks. Elise Castle is a Vampire Slayer with a heart of gold. From their names, can you get a “feel” for their personality? How do you like the names in your paranormal reads? Traditional? A tad on the foreign side? Off the wall?

I also love paranormal romances for the weapons. Come on, these are badass men and women. Why not lock and load them with crossbows, tasers, swords, and a shotgun full of silver shells? Or in Xavier’s case, he can immobilize and kill with his mind.

And last but not least of why I find the mayhem of paranormal romances so fun to write — the rides. I’m talking motorcycles, an Escalade limousine or stealth helicopters, Silencers. Badass men and women can’t always get to their destination by foot. They gotta get there with style, lol.

So those are the reasons I love to write paranormal romances and why I enjoy reading them.

For more about Ashlyn Mathews, you can find her at, Twitter @ashlynmathews and Facebook

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