Saturday, January 4, 2014

Guest Post: Just In Time by Kathryn Shay

Today we have the honor of hosting USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Shay and her newest book Just In Time, book one of her Portals in Time Series! Welcome, Kathryn we are excited to have you!

Thank you so much for having me here to blog about my new trilogy, Portals of Time. This is my first published paranormal book but I’ve written 50 contemporary romances.

This trilogy has been a labor of love for me as I’ve always been a science fiction/time travel aficionado. But since my first love is romance, there never seemed to be an opportunity to combine the two genres until now. I came up with the original concept for the series years ago, and at last it’s come to fruition. Since all three stories take place in the present, I think I was able to keep the books classic Kathryn Shay with a twist. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the new world of the future, playing around with language, and at the same time building a great romance and saying something important about society.

Let’ me tell you about the first…

In JUST IN TIME, Dorian Masters must save the life of research scientist Jess Cromwell by preventing his murder in five months. Cromwell’s work would eventually set the standard for eradicating all carbon emissions. But Dorian has to find the assassin first, while Jess’s brother, Luke, cynical New York cop and exasperating man, seems determined to stand in her way. But the stakes are high and together they race against time to save Jess’s life and the future of mankind.

I really loved writing Luke and Dorian’s story. They are reluctant lovers, but can’t seem to stay away from each other. When he’s unaware of who she is and when she comes from, her misuse of language makes him crazy, as does her unfamiliarity with ordinary things. (She calls him a holicworker and she’s never seen a live animal.) But I’m sure you’ll enjoy their attraction to each other—and its culmination—when they finally surrender to it.

And a bit about the other two…

In PERFECT TIMING, Celeste Hart, a sensitive, travels to Washington D.C. to sabotage the life’s work of Dr. Alex Lansing. But can he forgive her deception when he discovers how and why she’s tricked him?

In ANOTHER TIME, anthropologist Alisha Law has accompanied her two colleagues to the present day because she understands the customs, morés and convoluted language of the 21st century. But when she falls in love with a minister, she becomes wary of him when he asks her break all the rules of time travel.

The series can be read one book at a time, but I’m hoping readers will scoop up all three and read the entire project.

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